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My studio is my haven. I’ve dedicated a huge amount of time (and money – don’t tell my wife) to accessing the purest possible sounds I can create.


From hip hop to electronica, ambient soundscapes to 80s power ballads, soaring post-rock to chilled out jazz, there isn’t a corner of music I want to leave unexplored – and I have the tools and skills to carve something beautiful and unique out of what I find.


I’m here to make songs better – yours too. When you hire me, I work on your terms.


If you want me to build the whole sound from scratch, it’d be my pleasure. You may want me to add depth and atmosphere to a track or flesh out a sketch in the back of your head – I’ve got you. You need lyrics too? Let me grab your coat. Would you like a pickled egg and a backrub with that? Are your drums shit? I can make them way less shit.


Plus, the really great producers know really great musicians – and I’m kind of drowning in them. Get in touch for prices, whimsical conversation, and cracking instrumentals. You can hear my beat tapes below, as well as some of the work I’ve done with other people.

beaty mcbeatface
beaty mcbeattapes
beaty mcbeatface vol 1

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beaty mcbeatface vol 2

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other projects
other projects
ft. OneLyfe and Ezra Kirk

This is the first drop from my album, Tidings, and my first international collab.


Everything you see was filmed in Colorado by Xtraordinary Vision at Cervantes' Masterpiece The Other Side, Denver and in Colorado Springs.

Lobotomies & Lithium (feat. Felman) - video

Lobotomies & Lithium is taken from the new three track EP, Skulduggery, by Captain Wordseye.


All music on the album was produced/made by me, feel free to listen here

Also produced the beats for his previous album, Three Point Five Percent, available to listen here

Sitting in this Kitchen Talking to MyselfMatticus J
00:00 / 05:26
Doing What I Can Like a PhantasmMatticus J
00:00 / 05:43
Everybody Hates MeMatticus J
00:00 / 08:03
Quarantine EP

Matticus J is a local songwriter who wanted everything except guitars - so I laid them all the way on.

Free to download here, donations welcome, all proceeds going to Black Minds Matter UK.

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