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Small Strokes


Here are some random fun facts about me (Adam).

(Everyone's favourite) Contestant on Channel 4's Come Dine With Me


Yes, I managed to end up murdering the noble art of chapattis on Come Dine With Me.  How did Medical editor and rapper Adam serve a simple yet wholesome and flavoursome vegetarian menu? And will his abundant vegetables impress his guests? Well, erm…

Fan of The Room (total views: 38 and counting)

I am a superfan of cult godawful movie The Room.

I dropped by YouTuber Deffinition's podcast to talk about why (not whether) The Room is the greatest movie of all time.


In this enthralling chat, we discuss why The Room is the greatest movie of all time, why The Room is the greatest movie of all time, and why The Room is the greatest movie of all time.


I’ve met the two leads at separate screenings, did a location tour around San Francisco with my lovely wife (including a full on-site re-enactment of the now-seminal flower shop scene), and am approaching my 39th viewing of the film (this number is subject to change).

Rap Battle Proposer 

My wife and I were part of the world’s best (and only) battle rap proposal, going a little bit viral. Our marriage has been somewhat less exciting. I'm lying. My wife is awesome and she made this really cool website. 

Buzzfeed thinks "This Rap Battle Proposal Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day."

So does the DailyMail.

Save A Child's Heart (Israel) Volunteer


In 2008, I volunteered for two months in Holon, Israel for a secular organisation called Save A Child’s Heart that administered heart surgery to children from Iraq,  Palestine, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

One Man Sigur Rós Tribute Act

I am the world's first and only One Man Sigur Rós Tribute Act.

This song is called 


Performed March 2013 at Songs in the Key of Casual Violence.

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