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At this point, Adam Felman has been building sonic worlds for over half his life.


A self-taught pianist, guitarist, composer, producer, and lyricist, Adam has an ear for mood and melody that set him apart from his contemporaries.


This shows in the versatility of his work. From soundtracking sell-out alternative comedy shows in London and Edinburgh to working with signed post-rock bands in Brighton, Adam relishes a challenge and will always find the right style, tone, and timbre to fit your vision.


Adam developed a knack over the years for writing and touring comedy rap music. This hasn’t stopped him producing everything from indie-folk to abstract electronica, soundtracking short films, and providing drum programming on (as yet unannounceable) major-label projects with legendary artists.


Whether it’s atmospheres, full songs, jingles, instrumental piano works, or full arrangements, let Adam’s well-nurtured compositional instincts elevate your project to a new level.


This colourful back catalogue has grown in spite of Adam being an active hearing aid user, and he has written for multiple journalistic platforms about the experience of developing gradual-onset hearing loss as a young(ish) musician with the hope of serving as an health advocate.

Accolades include:

  • A 10-year stint soundtracking live and filmed sketches and plays for Casual Violence! Comedy, including 3 runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and multiple sellout London shows

  • Performing around the world as a rapper and lyricist including across the USA, Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands

  • Soundtracks for several short and corporate films for Concrete Rose Productions, including festival entries

  • Running a live-band Hip-Hop open mic for Chicken Grease Presents: Prime Cuts

  • A full album playing keys and composing for signed band Written In Waters

  • Two self-produced rap records under the name Felman

  • Multiple beat tapes and singles as Beaty McBeatface

  • Spokesman and advocate for Widex hearing devices

click below to learn more about your new favourite person, ADAM D FELMAN, Writer, Editor, Blogger, MC, Composer, Juggler, Ninja, Polar Bear and all round nice chap. 
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