I’ve been arranging instruments, banging out melodies, and generating moods since I first put a local old age home to sleep with a near-endless instrumental version of My Heart Will Go On at 8 years old.


Since then, I’ve scored several short films and spoken word pieces and performed live soundtracks for award-winning sketch troupe Casual Violence in sell-out Edinburgh Fringe and London shows.


Very often, I’ll simply compose because I feel like it.


Whether it’s on-screen or on onstage, I can live in the atmosphere and context of a scene, breathing in new life and adding pathos, tension, and tenderness with nothing but a few select chords on a piano.


Despite having never read a note of music, I’ve had a key hand in building pieces to enthrall, appal, and gall audiences online and in theatres.

If you head to the producer page, you can hear hours of beats. Very few of the “samples” you hear are actually samples – I write and play more or less everything I use.


I compose using pianos, synths, guitars, and electronics. And I’ve written songs ranging from 60-year Holocaust sagas, spreadsheets, and trains to comedy tunes about socks, sausage dogs, and aubergines. And almost everything in between, which, between you and I, is an awful lot.

INSPIRATIONS INCLUDE: Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, Brian Wilson, Steve Reich, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Matt Calvert, Ólafur Arnalds, Philip Glass, Tigran Hamasyan

  alone + unfathom (FELMAN)



Casual Violence! Comedy, one of the UK’s shining lights in bizarre, depressing, and deliberately annoying sketches, had me sat behind them at the keyboard for many years. Now that they make videos with The Whole Buffalo, I get to annoy them through Skype calls instead.


Kharon (short film)

Concrete Rose Productions

Written and Directed by Dino Kazamia

Produced by Nicholas Jessup

Music by Adam Felman

Back in 2012, a more innocent time, I worked with Concrete Rose Productions, a start-up film company based in Brighton. While they did little more than start up when it came to it, I produced some great work with them. Here’s a little movie about death.

2048 (spoken word)

Written by Daniel Searle

Daniel Searle is one of my favourite poets in the UK, mixing satire with silliness with wordplay with earnestness with the mundane. This absolute monster of a poem about punching the last dolphin on Earth in the face warrants your attention and confusion. I was lucky enough to do the soundtrack, with the instruction “Make apocalyptic post-rock right now.” So I did.